St. Mary Cathedral/Old St. Vincent Food Pantry

Pictured are some of the volunteers: Tony, Pearl and Robert.

Watermelons were obtained by the volunteers at the St. Mary Cathedral/Old St. Vincent Food Pantry this past Monday morning to provide fresh fruit to area needy families. Volunteers unloaded over 3 plats of watermelons picked up from the Southeast Missouri Food Bank.

Space is cramped at the Food Pantry located at the corner of Sprigg and William, just across from St. Mary Cathedral. The Pantry's freezers and refrigerators are packed in to hold frozen meat, the shelves crammed into one room for canned goods and a makeshift "cool" room with sheets and a one room air conditioner keep fresh produce good until it is given away.

Volunteers spend countless hours collecting food, as well as tending the Food Pantry's Garden behind the building which helps provide fresh vegetables to those in need.

Canned goods, frozen meat, cereal, and other items are provided by the parishioners of St. Mary Cathedral, Old St. Vincent, Southeast Food Bank, and several local businesses such as Hinkebein Farms.