Paid election letter: Adams knows Cape Girardeau County real estate

I endorse Bob Adams for county assessor. Why?

Bob Adams knows Cape Girardeau County real estate. Bob has served our area as a licensed appraiser for over three decades -- in the fields, the creeks and the backyards of Cape Girardeau County -- establishing the value of every type of real estate. Voters must note that Bob is the only candidate who is licensed by the state of Missouri to place a value on real estate. Holding a Missouri general appraiser's license requires continuing education, which keeps the licensee up-to-date on rules and regulations regarding property valuations as well as on the cutting edge of technology.

I am looking for specific criteria in my choice for assessor: someone who is trained and has hands-on experience in real estate valuation; someone whose sole occupation will be the assessor's position; and someone who is not otherwise vested in the real estate industry. That candidate is Bob Adams.

Place your vote wisely in this election. Vote for Bob Adams.

ANTHONY KOELLER, 1802 East Jackson Blvd., Jackson, MO 63755

Paid for by Area Wide Appraisal Group.