Paid election letter: Metzger has the background and skills to be public administrator

I'm voting for Julie Metzger for public administrator.

In my position as an employee in the health information department of the hospital, I see firsthand the level of knowledge and skills required to be the Cape Girardeau County public administrator. It takes not only compassion, but also a true understanding of the system and how to ensure that the people who need the assistance of the public administrator are treated with dignity while being protected. These people don't always receive the compassion, understanding and timely assistance they need. By electing Julie Metzger for public administrator, the residents of Cape Girardeau County can rest assured that the office of public administrator is being run by someone who has the background and skills that sets her apart from the other candidates.

Julie has my vote.

TIM LIPE, PO Box 74, Delta, MO 63744