Out of the past 7/30/12

Monday, July 30, 2012


Southeast Missouri State University workers put down the Show Me Center's portable parquet basketball flooring for the first time yesterday; the flooring is accented with seals of the city, university, MIAA and NCAA.

The Vision 2000 steering committee says it will ask the city council to allocate another $10,300 in city funds to pay for administrative expenses regarding the strategic planning effort; the council previously approved the allocation of $5,000 to cover initial expenses of the group.


The State Highway Commission plans to take bids for reflooring the Mississippi River bridge at Cape Girardeau in August; the job will be financed jointly by Missouri and Illinois; the new surface will be the first major floor improvement other than patchwork since the bridge's construction in 1927.

A protest against the possibility of a junk yard operation on North Main Street at Mill Street is lodged at the city council meeting; representatives of International Shoe and Missouri Utilities make a verbal objection and submit a petition in opposition to a salvage yard there; the proprietor of the business is Floyd Penny.


Frank Owen, assistant supervisor of recreation for the WPA, announces the clay tennis court on the city lot at William and Lorimier streets is ready for use; he also said three swings have been installed in Smelterville for small children.

August W. Daues, 76, a retired brick mason and member of one of the city's pioneer families, dies at a local hospital; Daues, a native of Cape Girardeau, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Daues; his father established the old brickyard on Morgan Oak Street, between Pacific and Ellis streets, and for many years this was the principal brick-manufacturing plant in the district.


L.W. Morton returns to Cape Girardeau from a trip to Longview, Texas, a town of about 8,000 population, where he has been employed as principal of the high school; Morton will receive a salary of $165 per month and will move there next month.

The building committee of Trinity Lutheran Church is advertising for bids to construct an addition to the Lutheran parsonage.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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