Restoring Love and History

Friday, July 27, 2012

You are invited to a night of Restoring Love and History:

Glenn Beck will be holding a celebration of service on July 28th to cap off his three day "Restoring Love" event that will see thousands of Americans descend on the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in order to serve their fellow man. The event will gather together people from across the country to recognize their labors of love and to reflect on the values that unite them. Speakers, music and a fireworks display are all in the works!

In honor of the event being held in Dallas, you are invited to join in a similar event in Cape Girardeau, MO for Restoring Love and History.

Cape County Park -- South - Pavilion #21

Saturday July 28 -- 6:00pm -- 10:45pm


- Roger Christiansen

- Pastor Ronald Knapp

- Mark Ramsey

- Kenneth Bender

- Mike Hahn

- Silvio Ortiz

- Danny Hollowell

- Anthony Page

Music / Entertainment

- Lisa Reitzel

- Jeannie Hinck

- Kent Willams

- Eldon Wright

- Billy Chasteen

Speakers to talk on heroes like:

- George Washington
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
- Harriet Tubman

- Ira Hayes

- The Civil War
- The Days After 9/11

- Jeremy Shank

- Bradley Skelton

- Pat Tillman

- Abraham Lincoln

- War of 1812

- Elvis Presley


- Water and some Snacks provided

- BBQ for Sale

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