Rupp Sensory Saturday Presentation

Friday, July 27, 2012
Carissa Rupp Makes Special Presentation to Cape West 14 Cine's Kevin Dillon and Adam Ralls

Carissa Rupp made a special presentation to the management team at Cape West 14 Cine at this month's Sensory Saturday. Sensory Saturday was organized by local concerned citizens and embraced by the theater staff to allow children with special needs the opportunity to see a kid-friendly movie in an atmosphere with more lighting, lower sound volume and the freedom to move about the theater. Rupp presented a special Brave poster inscribed with a special message from Brenda Chapman. "I am thrilled that Special Needs Children will be able to see Brave!! It's so nice to know that there are people out there who care enough to share their time to make sure these special kids get a chance to enjoy simple things like a movie. I know it's not so simple for them to get to see one -it's an honor for me to know that Brave will be something special for them. Bless you all caring!," stated Chapman, who served as writer, screen writer and director for Disney Pixar's Brave.

Carissa Rupp also presented a Missouri State Senate resolution honoring this program. The resolution was offered by her husband Sen. Scott Rupp and Sen. Jason Crowell. Sen. Rupp, a leading advocate for special needs children in the Missouri Legislature, learned of this special program through an editorial in the Southeast Missourian.

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