Reitzel a stalwart of Republican campaigns

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Each of the other 11 Republican candidates in the race for public administrator has credentials in their own right. Only two are members of the central committee. One of those has only held office for two years, and his participation has been somewhat lacking. As a committeeman, by state party rules, I am forbidden to endorse or campaign for a candidate in a contested primary. So here goes a nonendorsement, just the facts.

Lisa Reitzel came on board at the same time I did, in 2004 during the George W. Bush campaign. She, like me, recognized the danger of electing a Democrat candidate that year just the same as 2008. When the other 11 candidates for public administrator appeared, I wondered where the hell did these people materialize from? They seem to come out of the woodwork. I only knew one because he is a sheriff's deputy. Only Lisa Reitzel has been active in the Republican Party. A member of the central committee, an officer of the Republican Women and a Pachyderm. She has been with me side by side in the trenches since 2004. She has covered my back when I needed it. In military terms she has been the person on my flank. I could count on her providing the support I needed when it was needed. Personally, I feel there is no better person to fill the position. There is no better person to fill the shoes of our current administrator, Phyllis Schwab, than Lisa Reitzel. I know from experience that she has the caring and compassion needed for the job, and she will be firm but fair in her duties.

So goes the nonendorsement. For the other 11 Republican candidates, will you be around to support the party after the Aug. 7 primary? I know Lisa will, victorious or not.


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