Letter to the Editor

Save America from ...?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Save America," you say!

From what? Outsourcing American jobs and banking U.S. currency in foreign lands? These business moguls that are so nearsighted by their greed, they can't see the future beyond the next quarterly accounting? These self-anointed spokesmen for freedom that wrap themselves in red, white and blue and then play the socialism card when their loyalty is questioned?

The growth liberalism is just a symptom of a much deadlier disease; unbridled greed! No, if full-blown socialism ever comes to be in America, liberals will not be responsible; the blame will fall squarely upon likes of these rogue capitalists who would rather sink the ship than part with even one dollar of their profits. If America is to be saved, we will have to pull it from the grasp of those who are selling it.

VAN RIEHL, Jackson