Speak Out 7/22/12

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Who is poor?

I think Barack Obama needs to reclassify who is actually poor in this country. Let me see: I work and there are sometimes when I have to go without things because I can't afford it, but I know people who are on welfare and disability. Let's see what they have: free housing, free food, free electric and they have already got free health care. And now they've got free cellphones. So, who exactly is poor?

Sports photos

I am not a sports fan, but I look at the great pictures taken by your photographers every day. They are classic pictures, like Wednesday's picture of eight Jackson players all looking up at a ball and glum.

Ameren competition

I want to comment about a notice I got from the utility company. They are going to put in now for another raise, Ameren Missouri is. This is what you've got when you've got a monopoly. We need to have competition among the utility companies here in Cape. They are just going to keep on and on and on and they are wanting a 14 percent raise and they say it will only cost you $14. Who are they kidding? A $300 bill will cost you $45.

Great singing

I just returned from the band concert over in Capaha Park, which I go to every week and thoroughly enjoy. Tonight was especially beautiful. There was a man there, I never did get his name, but he sang the most beautiful rendition of "Old Man River" that I think I have ever heard. It was just a pleasure to listen to, and I want to compliment him and thank him very much for singing that.

Not grateful

I am calling in response to the person who was complaining that he or she only got a $20 voucher at the food bank. This caller epitomizes everything that is wrong with our society today. Instead of being grateful for the help they were able to give her, she is upset that they couldn't do more. The reality is, if you have a family it is your responsibility to take care of them and that certainly includes feeding them. How can you possibly think it is somebody else's job to feed your family?

Don't leave it

There is one thing worse than politicians and Jehovah Witnesses knocking on your door without an invitation: that is folding up their literature, their trash, and sticking it between your door. I don't appreciate it, so stop it.

Attacks, Revere

The people in Cape Girardeau County are missing out on a lot of good information about all the different attacks being waged against our country. We are being assaulted by our own government, the United Nations, Islam, China, the world banking system, including the Federal Reserve, and it goes on and on and on. The tea party in Cape is the modern day Paul Revere and people need to listen up and get involved.

Reading is answer

Memo to the Cape Girardeau School Board: You don't have to reinvent the wheel; you don't have to spend anymore money on research about graduation rates. Read Michael Jensen's piece on the opinion page, and in Speak Out read "Not teachers' fault." Then keep supporting the kindergarten and first-grade reading program. Ask your teachers; they have college degrees. They know why the graduation rate is what it is. If kids don't learn to read on schedule, they fall behind. School becomes a chore, which slowly gets worse and worse. Nonreaders slowly slide down the latter of excellence and drop out during high school. This isn't rocket science.

Both ways

Some people need to make up their minds, with one hand shaking at Obama for spending and with the other signing up for federal aid. We can't have it both ways. Give Obama a break, he cannot control the weather.

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