Letter to the Editor

Parenting and school issues

I feel some honesty needs to be expressed about the concerns for/of our school children. It appears the school's administrators think about "how can we spend more money," while ignoring the most important and universal problem, which is the parents who permit their children to do what they want to do.

Cape has a regulation where the parent is responsible and can be fined or jailed for their child's missing school, but this is not enforced so it doesn't work! The enforcers are too lazy to follow through!

The parents don't want a dress code because the kids don't like such! Again, kids rule! Parents have never learned how to be parents or "maybe it's too much trouble." Just let the kids pay the price later in life!

A parent's job is not to be liked by their kids, but to prepare them for life when they grow up.

I strongly object to the school's proposed computer program and letting kids take them home -- they do enough texting on their cellphones -- they don't need larger sex texting screens!


BUDDY PARRISH, Cape Girardeau