Out of the past 7/21/12

Saturday, July 21, 2012


A third auditor from the State Auditor's Office joins two others in Cape Girardeau to help examine records from Cape Girardeau's Municipal Court; local law enforcement officials are awaiting a report from the auditors before beginning a criminal investigation of alleged missing funds at the court.

Former Scott City Police Chief Tom Eaton meets with the city's police board in an attempt to get his job back; Eaton was fired June 30 by Scott City Mayor Alvie Modglin, even though the mayor later admitted he had no authority to do so.


Starting on Monday, The Missourian will change its page size from eight columns to nine; the change is being made to make full use of present mechanical facilities and to eliminate costly extra section press runs on heavy days that delay home delivery of the newspapers; the extra column will provide more news matter for readers.

Excavation for the new jnior high school on Thilenius at Caruthers began in July 1962. A dragline removed the first earth. This view was to the south with a portion of Central High School in background. (Missourian archives photo by G.D. "Frony" Fronabarger)

Excavation for the new junior high school on Thilenius at Caruthers was started yesterday afternoon.


Mrs. John Teichman of Cape Girardeau recently received a letter from her brother, James R. Blumer, who is a chief store keeper aboard the airplane carrier Lexington; he states that the Lexington is engaged in the hunt for Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan; Blumer is rounding out 21 years in the Navy and plans to retire here at the end of the year with his wife.

By a writ of mandamus issued by Judge Frank Kelly, the Oak Ridge Board of Education is ordered "to provide for the collection of an annual tax sufficient to pay the interest on such indebtedness as it falls due..."; the board issued $23,000 in bonds in 1923 for the construction of a school house to replace one that burned; of these bonds, $15,500 are still due.


A public meeting has been called for tomorrow evening to discuss public school matters; the issue of textbooks has been percolating for some time; it has been charged that four members of the school board in a rush adopted a list of text books, some of which are obsolete; it is also charged the members ignored the recommendations of the superintendent and principals in their choice of books.

The home of Harry Rogers, Frisco brakeman, is struck by lightning in the evening; the flue leading from the furnace up through the center of the building is shattered, throwing soot and ashes all over the rooms.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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