Out of the past 7/20/12

Friday, July 20, 2012


The Vision 2000 steering committee decides to finance its entire public information campaign with private funds; last week, the committee had said it would ask the city council to provide $24,000, or about half the cost of the campaign.

The Cape Girardeau City Council spends much of its study session looking at the possibility of participating in a statewide insurance pool that could provide the city with general liability protection; currently, the city has no general liability insurance.


State College administrators are preparing for an influx of 1,700 freshman students alone, and a possible total enrollment of 4,000; administrators are preparing an orientation program for the freshmen and seeking housing for the multitude of students in all classes.

Grading has started on a 30-acre tract of land across from Cape Girardeau on Illinois Highway 146, which two businessmen expect to develop into a subdivision of 50 or more homes; Grover W. Revelle, a Fredericktown, Mo., contractor, and Clyde "Bud" Pearce Jr., owner of the land, plan to call the development East Cape Girardeau Heights.


Those in the know say the Works Progress Administration plans to concentrate its activities in the coming months in Cape Girardeau County on the U.S. 61 park job; architect Hal Lynch has advised the city it will take 200 men to make progress on the project, but that number isn't expected to be made available.

The county court has appointed Ellis Wade caretaker and janitor for the Jackson courthouse at $65 per month; he is the son of Burrell Wade, who was caretaker for 20 years, and who died July 9.


E.M. Carter leaves in the morning for Ripley County in the interest of the Normal School; he had just returned from a trip to the North and reports indications are for a large increase in the enrollment at the September term opening.

Mrs. Tom Moore returns from Oklahoma, where she has been spending a few months with relatives; she is accompanied home by her husband, who is a traveling man with headquarters in Cape Girardeau.

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