Speak Out 7/20/12

Friday, July 20, 2012

Crowe cartoon

Taylor Crowe's political cartoon on the postponement of the vote on deer hunting was hilarious. What makes something really funny is how true it is. So far, electing Trent Summers as councilman has turned out to be less than efficacious. It seems the councilman has other priorities.

Picking up the tab

Someone said they don't mind Obamacare because everyone will be paying their fair share and he (the caller) now won't be paying for others. That is without a doubt the most ridiculous comment I've seen in Speak Out in years. The same large number of people who are on some form of welfare -- food stamps, rent assistance, free child care (all day long whether they are in class or work two hours or 10!), free lunch for their kids, etc. -- will also need help paying for their mandatory insurance. Who in the world do you really think is going to pick up the tab for that ever-growing population?


I had a grandfather who fought in World War I; I had a father who fought in World War II, and several uncles and friends that have fought in many wars for our freedom. Now, it appears that President Obama is trying to take our freedom away from us and force health care down our throats. I thought we lived in America, the land of free. So, if the president wants to fulfill this wish of his, then I feel like he ought to pay all the premiums for everybody that he is forcing this on.

Passing grades

It's always the teachers' fault, never the parents' or the students' fault. If I had to guess what the problem was, it is the passing of middle school kids and junior high kids no matter what grades they make. When they get to high school when the grades count, they are behind and they get frustrated because they have been passed through the system and expect that in high school.

Romney tax returns

Mitt Romney says he loves America. Then why does he keep his money in other countries? In America it will help the economy, trickle-down economics, but it has to be here to trickle down.

Child's responsibility

As an educator with more than 30 years of experience and the mother of two children, I take issue with Michael Jensen's article titled "Education will not improve until parents improve." This is not exactly true. Actually, education will not improve until students of all ages improve. Students are the ones who come to school and misbehave. I tell my kindergarten students that school is their job and it is their responsibility to listen and to learn and to do a good job. It is time to stop blaming the teachers and blaming the administrators and blaming the parents. Children are the ones who come to school every day. It is their job to come and do their best, and they need to learn to take responsibility for their own actions.

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