Wallingford walks the walk

Recent articles in the Southeast Missourian, "Rep. Ellen Brandom kicks off campaign for state Senate," June 3, and "State Senate candidates battle over pro-life credentials," June 27, called into question the endorsements of Missouri Right to Life Political Action Committee (MRL PAC).

MRL is the oldest and largest pro-life organization in the state and the only Missouri affiliate of National Right to Life. Our MRL PAC endorsement process involves an analysis of candidate surveys, legislative votes of incumbents, public statements and campaign funding sources, as well as the dynamics of each individual race.

Many incumbent candidates failed to qualify for an MRL PAC endorsement because of their anti-life votes involving funding for human cloning and embryonic stem-cell research, something that MRL and the pro-life citizens of Missouri adamantly oppose. Unfortunately, Sen. Brandom is one such candidate.

Ms. Brandom's assertion that the MOSIRA legislation had built-in protections to prevent human cloning or (human embryonic) stem-cell research is false. The one-sentence amendment sought by MRL provided clear pro-life protections to prevent tax dollars from funding human cloning and embryonic stem-cell research, but Ms. Brandom voted to defeat that language. Rep. Wayne Wallingford resisted tremendous pressure from his leadership and supported the pro-life position on both the amendment and the final vote.

Missourians United for Life is free to endorse whomever they wish. But your readers should know that MUL has no presence in the Capitol, no presence on the Internet, no involvement in legislation, no filings with the state of Missouri for almost three years and no published criteria for endorsing candidates. MUL was organized by those who wished to give a "pro-life endorsement" to candidates who didn't qualify for the high standards for endorsement set by Missouri Right to Life PAC.

For almost 40 years, the pro-life voters in Missouri have depended on the evaluations and endorsements of the MRL PAC. Throughout that time, our endorsement process has remained consistent and fair. Candidates can call themselves whatever they wish, but we tell the voters who's all talk and who's walking the walk. Wayne Wallingford walks the walk.

PAM FICHTER, president, Missouri Right to Life

DAVE PLEMMONS, chairman, Missouri Right to Life PAC

GERARD A. NIETERS, legislative director, Missouri Right to Life

P.O. Box 651, Jefferson City, MO 65102

Paid for by Missouri Right to Life State PAC. Patricia Skain Treasurer. Not authorized by any candidate.