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Bankruptcies filed through June for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeast Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Bollinger County

McCall, Dan and Linda S.10599
Mayberry, Bradley J. Sr. and Ena A.10609
McFarland, Janice S.10645

Butler County

Wheelis, Daryell G. and Linda A.10615
Ferguson, Norman E. and Ada K.10624
Brown, Deborah L.10630
McGuire, Teddy G.10641
Tinsley, Peter W. and Gail H.10654
Richmond, Nathanial K. and Kimberly D.10655
Thomason, Ashley M.10661
Mack, Jeannie M.10670
Adamson, Billy K.10674
Overfield, Daniel C.10678

Cape Girardeau County

Bradley, Dennis I. and Darlene K.10588
Madry, Mitchell D.10594
Masterson, Shari D.10597
VanPool, Larry H. and Carol D.10613
Rhodes, Sandra L.10614
Donley, Nicholas V. and Jill C.10620
Swan, William10623
McClain, Sharon D. and Travis R.10632
Bowers, Bonnie S.10633
Johnson, Gwendolyn F.10636
Quade, Cleman and Kathie10639
Carter, Marcia K.10644
Jones, Arthur D. and Jillian D.10651
Tripp, Robert W. and Terry10652
Williams, Jim E. and Kathleen D.10659
Berkbuegler, Timothy L.10660
Bennett, Earl E. and Kim S.10664
Ott, Elija and Sherrell10665
Sissom, Michael F. and Kara A.10668
Foister, James R.10675
Limbaugh, Marlene10679
Martinez, Jacqualine L.10681

Carter County

Dean, Jeffrey L.10612
Doherty, Sharon D.10622

Dunklin County

Earnheart, Brandon D. and Maci J.10584
Neal, Steven M. and Kathy C.10592
Hill, Hilary10604
Pelts, Jerris10605
Barnett, Londa10606
Elliott, Brandon and Ashley10608
Hicks, Robert M. and Karla J.10618

Mississippi County

Manning, Alma J.10581
Keene, Sheryl J.10582
Verner, Alicia A.10590
Jarrett, Billie R.10601
Hull, Cynthia10616
Fitzsimmons, Sean10629
Tucker, Jilla K.10638
Canfield, Sharon K.10643
Koch, Daniel A. and Sarah N.10649
Marcum, James R. and Starr J.10672

New Madrid County

Barbre, Stephen W. and Delsie K.10640
Kinsey, Gary L. and Patricia K.10650
McLemore, Jason T. and Beth S.10662
Colwick, Roy D. and Stephanie D.10666
Foster, Robert G. and Pamela D.10683

Pemiscot County

Elliott, James L.10607
Moore, Judy D.10667

Perry County

Herron, Verna M.10593
Phillips, Richard R.10596
Geile, Ruth A.10598
Ebert, Laura L.10621
Overbeck, Michelle A.10634
Ehlers, Scott A.10635
Schoen, Christine A.10653
Hacker, Ryan D.10658

Reynolds County

Blevins, William H. and Bernie J.10671

Ripley County

Averhart, Sharon E.10611
Barker, Marcus L.10625
Faughn, Kevin W. and Tammie M.10647
Woodruff, Easter F.10656
Akins, Shirley A.10657

Scott County

Gentry, Jerry L. and Terisa I.10580
Cassout, Katherine A.10587
Cochran, Charity K.10589
Crowden, Cynthia L.10591
McQueen, Jennifer M. and Jonathan C.10595
Holifield, Gary L. and Angela L.10600
Schultz, Joyce E.10603
Mott, Gary S. and Anita J.10610
Martin, Michael R.10617
McDonnold, Sally A.10619
Wilfert, Teresa D.10637
Caines, Thomas E. and Michelle L.10646
Voelker, Gregory A. and Shonda L.10648
Kilburn, Jason P. and Miranda D.10663
Moreno, Mary R.10680
McCormick, Ronald M. and Melinda J.10682

Stoddard County

Abernathy, Nancy J. and Keith B.10583
Hatchel, Mark A. and Christina A.10585
Johnson, Dareth L.10586
Ackman, Trey D. and Amanda D.10602
Chew, Darlene L.10627
Watts, DeWayne A.10628
Sides, Robin L.10631
Mayer, Kenneth G.10642
Stafford, Thomas W. Jr. and Cynthia K.10669
McClintock, Deborah J.10673
Beck, Monica L.10676
Cox, Tina L. and Michael W.10677
Hepner, Amber K.10684

Wayne County

Brinkley, Sylvia L.10626
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