Speak Out 7/13/12

Friday, July 13, 2012

Mud volleyball

I wanted to send a big thank you out to the Jackson volleyball team for bringing back mud volleyball to the Jackson Fourth of July celebrations this year. I think it was a great success! The referees were kind and in good spirits, and it was well-organized. The number of teams worked out perfectly and it made the day go by smoothly. We had a blast, and I can only hope they bring it back next year.

Fireworks freedom

I love everything about the Fourth of July. I love that people get together to celebrate the freedoms of this great country, eat barbecue and watermelon and set off fireworks. I don't, however, like the fact that there are people out there who feel the need to complain to their neighbors when they let their fireworks off. If they are being safe and doing so at the hours set by the city, then don't come outside and complain. Keep in mind, complaining neighbor, that we are allowed this freedom as well as so many others because men and women gave their lives for this country. Instead of complaining, be grateful we are allowed to celebrate the independence of this great nation.

Anti-war vets

Aren't anti-war veterans worthy of at least some recognition and positive press?

Health care law

This is in regard Obamacare. I just don't know what Romney is going to do if he tries to repeal it if he is elected. Is he going reimburse everybody from his home state who's been paying $1,100-plus for their health insurance if they don't have it? I think it ought to be fair and they ought to get rid of that in his home state if they're going to get rid of it over the whole United States. I think it's going to be a good plan for everybody. I know there are some people who don't have insurance but always make sure that they get the bills paid. It's just the ones who are wanting the free insurance. They want everybody else to pay for it. That's what hurting us.

Supreme Court

I don't understand why everyone thinks the Supreme Court is so great and impartial, because they're not. Liberals are going to vote one way, conservatives are going to vote the other way. The guy in the middle is going to vote whichever side puts the most pressure on him. It's just like Congress. Everybody knows how everybody is going to vote, so what's the big deal to send something to the Supreme Court when you know how half of them are going to vote and how the other half are going to vote. That just seems silly to me. It's a waste of our time and money.

Romney meandering

Mitt Romney said Romneycare in Massachusetts was not a tax and agreed with the minority in the U.S. Supreme Court health care ruling that, though unconstitutional, Obamacare was not a tax but, having apparently had an epiphany, now concluded that it is a tax. Mitt's meandering machinations leave me so confused.

Political contributions

Letting the big businesses give to political parties was one of the worst things that could happen. They are giving millions so that in return after the election, if the party that they gave to wins, they will gain it back with big contracts, as the politicians are only out for themselves, not to do things to help the American people. They are looking for big money. Only contributions of the people should be allowed. Big business is not the people and never will be.

Insurance coverage

Here's my answer to the person who asked those against Obamacare how they'll feel when they get sick and their 25-year-old has to buy their own insurance: A 25-year-old is old enough to be out on his or her own, with a full-time job, paying for his own insurance to begin with. If, however, they are in some sort of professional school -- and please notice I didn't say they're still slacking around in a four-year college -- they can get school-sponsored insurance cheaply. We did it for our daughter when she was in pharmacy school. And besides, young adults have been responsible for getting their own insurance after leaving college until now, and rightfully so. Far too many parents don't make or allow their adult children to stand on their own two feet, and that's one of the things that's wrong with our culture today.

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