Speak Out 7/11/12

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thank you

I wish to thank the gentleman who gave me red roses in Schnucks this past Saturday. I don't know your name. May God bless you and your wife, always.

Crowe cartoons

I'm really enjoying Taylor Crowe's political cartoons, particularly the ones last Sunday and Monday about the heat. They're great. Keep it up, Taylor. You're doing a good job.

No-call list

The no-call list should also cover all political calls. I am tired of having to go to the phone for somebody telling a bunch of lies. We have phones for personal reasons, not to answer robocalls.

Child work laws

I was reading in the Southeast Missourian about the child work laws and letting kids under 16 work. I think that is a big problem in this country. We've got two generations removed where kids don't know how to work and they don't want to work because our bureaucracy and our government has made them this way. Parents can't take their kids work. They don't see how to work. They don't know where to begin. For only 2,000 some workers to have permits in Missouri is sad.

Carwash attire

Who was in charge of the Central High School cheerleaders' carwash recently? I can't believe a school activity fundraiser would allow underage kids to dress like they did on the edge of Kingshighway holding up signs. A tank top with shorts would be more appropriate instead of bikini tops and short shorts.

Leave the trees

Regarding the new elementary school in Jackson on Lacey Street: this is an appeal to Dr. Anderson and the school board to please leave as many trees as possible on the lot. It would be a shame to bulldoze all of them down.

Is it a tax?

An updated example of being caught between a rock and a hard place might be where Mitt Romney stands on the question as to whether or not the health care mandate is a tax.

Special interests

I can remember a time long ago when our elected representatives tried to do what was best for the American people. Now it seems the will and welfare of the American people are for sale to the special interest groups, who now own most of our representatives. I would like to ask our good Christians, would you deny a child or adult the right to medical care because of lack of money? I believe if you study a little history you will find that in all societies sooner or later the abused will revolt and then the innocent and the guilty will pay a terrible price.

Not teachers' fault

I don't really understand why teachers are always blamed when schools don't perform well on these standardized tests that they take statewide. Just maybe if kids came to school ready to learn, test results would be better.

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