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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Greg Birk (right) handing his green State 4-H Council jacket to his daughter, Rachel Birk.

Rachel Birk of Charleston has returned from Columbia, where she was elected to the State 4-H Council as a Southeast Missouri Representative. On May 30-June 1, over 300 Missouri teens atttend the Missouri State 4-H Congress.

Rachel is a junior at Kelly High School and an active member of the Kids Rock 4-H Club. "I'm looking forward to an exciting year on the State 4-H Council and following in my father's footsteps who served on the State 4-H Council during his 4-H years."

There are currently over 23,000 Missouri youth participating in 4-H clubs. For more information on Missouri 4-H youth programs, visit the 4-H website at http://4h.missouri.edu. Missouri 4-H is a program of MU Extension.

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