Speak Out 7/10/12

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Graduation rate

Congratulations to the Southeast Missourian and Erin Ragan for their outstanding article on the graduation rate at Central High School in Cape Girardeau. It is apparent that we are the last in the pack in Southeast Missouri. I wonder if our principal picked up the phone and talked to the principals at Sikeston, Charleston and Portageville and learned from them so he could put into effect some of the techniques that they used to get such a good graduation rate. It would be interesting to hear his answer to that question.

Deer ordinance

I attended the city council meeting recently because I am very concerned about the proposed ordinance for urban deer hunting in our city. After hearing testimonies from citizens, comments from council members and reading what the ordinance states, I can only say that I am flummoxed that this ordinance passed 4-3. If you didn't read the newspaper article explaining the ordinance, I urge you to do so. It is laughable. One of the rules states that no hunting would be allowed within 150 yards of any church, school or playground. From what I understand, an arrow shot from a compound bow can travel 300 yards. Does this make any sense?

Left turn only

There are signs all up and down Kingshighway and on Independence from Kingshighway to Mount Auburn telling drivers that the center lane is for left turns only. It is not a merge lane. Imagine two vehicles in the center lane front bumper to front bumper and they both intend to enter the same lane. Come on!

Posturing governors

Posturing Republican governors who claim to be opting out of Medicaid expansion paid for by the feds will cost their states millions, if not billions, of dollars. Thus, I predict that their current posturing will soon turn into common-sense acceptance; although with some of these people (Jindal, Scott, Haley), who knows?

Tax increase

The truth is out. Obama has broken yet another promise concerning raising taxes. When you lose your job because of his policies and you can't afford health insurance, you will be taxed. And you still don't have health care insurance.

Oxygen, ozone

Trees make oxygen, not ozone. The two are not the same and are not interchangeable. Oak trees are not causing ozone monitors to go off. And knowing is half the battle!

Health care law

Reality check. Once the health care legislation is in full effect, you can expect higher prices, higher unemployment, fewer doctors and longer delays to see a doctor, higher health care costs, higher insurance premiums, more taxes and penalties imposed by the IRS, and more intrusion into your life by the government. This period will be regarded in history as the beginning of the post-America world just as Obama wanted. The people in office have chosen tyranny over democracy to govern by disregarding the citizens' voice. Those who voted for these people are responsible.

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