Letter to the Editor

Small-business rebate

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I noticed a comment in your paper the other day by Bekki Cook concerning the Affordable Care Act and payment, by insurers, for preventive medicine.

Coincidentally, today, I received a check from the health insurer for my business. I am an owner of a local small business. Today I received a check from our insurer in the amount of $3,173.17, which represents a rebate "required by the Affordable Care Act."

Under the act, no more than 20 percent of premiums collected by a health insurance carrier may be spent on administrative costs; 80 percent of the premiums must be spent on health care services such as doctor and hospital bills and activities to improve health care quality. Imagine that! Eighty percent of premiums have to be spent for health care. Otherwise, you get money back.

The more you learn about Obamacare, the more you like it.

JOHN L. COOK, Cape Girardeau