Speak Out 7/9/12

Monday, July 9, 2012

Cable concerns

People are complaining in Speak Out about the crossover cables on the interstate. Now that the Missouri Department of Transportation is repaving the interstate by the airport, the road surface is going to be even higher, maybe another five inches; and those crossover cables are going to be even lower and more dangerous to us. They really should be put in the center of the median and not right next to the southbound lane.

SEMO raises

This is to the person complaining about SEMO giving raises. The university is consistently losing good faculty and staff because the pay is not nearly competitive. Just because some people do not have jobs, does that mean employers should not provide a competitive salary to those who do?

A levee point

This newspaper had pictures online of water flowing over the top of the Birds Point levee before the Army had its explosion. If the Army had thought about it, the water was already going over the top of the levee. There was no reason to blow it up. It was already relieving pressure on Cairo, Ill. Then, if they had not blown up the levee, local farmers would have fixed the levee for free because there would not have been much work to do. Now it is over a year later and the Army is still fighting about whether they are going to fix the levee and who the contractor is. If they had just left it alone, the farmers would have fixed it for free last year.

Thank you notes

Recently I have been to two high school graduations, one college graduation, one bridal shower, two weddings and one birthday party, all of which I have given generous money or presents that are nice and unique. I have not received one thank you note. I am so sick of going to these things and people not responding with thank yous. I think it is extremely rude and parents need to make sure this gets done.

Obama's ad

I just saw the ad on TV again about President Obama and how many jobs he wants to put back to work for firefighters and public service people. As much as I support that, there are average Americans who should be included with that. I am really getting tired of this commercial that just keeps harping on the fact that it is going to put these people's classifications back to work when everybody needs a job. I have been in my career for 30 years and I have been unemployed for the last year and haven't been able to find a job -- and the field I'm in should be a good one. It's just the economy and I don't see it lifting. So for him to say average Americans don't need jobs just really hurts and it is going to hurt him in the election in this person's eyes.

Health care spin

Many conservative columnists are spinning the health care decision like whirling dervishes. Because the erstwhile conservative Chief Justice John Roberts cast the deciding vote, we are being told that the decision was in reality a long-run win for conservatism. The real motive of said columnists is to grovel and pander to Roberts so that he will in the future forgive his fellow conservative justices for turning on him with vengeance and assuring that he will in the future return to the conservative fold.

Graduation rate

Memo to the school board: Are you aware that if we had Sikeston's graduation rate, almost 80 students a year more would graduate here in Cape Girardeau? Maybe it is time to concentrate on that rather than dress codes and performing arts centers for the chosen few.

Mo. NCLB waiver

MO schools have applied for and received a waiver from the punitive dictates of the Bush administration's No Child Left Behind Act. Does this mean back to business as usual? I sure hope so.

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