Speak Out 7/6/12

Friday, July 6, 2012

Thank you

I just want to call and let the Southeast Missourian know that I live in a trailer court and I am very appreciative of what the person who delivers my paper does. I can have a hard time getting down the steps. I just want to let him know that I live at Shadybrook and he puts my paper on the porch every morning and that means a lot to me. I have had the Missourian for years, and I just want to tell him thank you and let him know he is doing a fantastic job.

Inspection concerns

You can tell by the city's actions that it wants to get rid of us low income renters in Cape. Last year they pushed this new sewer tax on us and there was already one on the books, but that increased my rent by $20 to $25 a month. And now I read that they want to do a rental inspection. Just who do they think is going to pay for this? If my landlord has to hire somebody to unlock a door so an inspector can come in and inspect -- and of course they are going to find something -- that is going to cost money. Who do you think pays for that?

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