Letter to the Editor

A call for term limits

Thursday, July 5, 2012

If you run for the House of Representatives you need X million dollars. You have fundraisers and entertain special interest groups who "give" you money. Therefore, you will be closely watched to see if you are voting to further the fortunes of those special interests.

You vote according to the wishes of those who funded your campaign. You begin to think how to get money to be re-elected in two short years. To get votes, you add earmarks to any (or the next) bill proposed. You keep government subsides flowing to certain constituents. Lobbyists introduce you to more special interests. In fact, much of your term is actually spent raising money for your next election.

Imagine if members of Congress did not owe their votes to the PACS and special interests. They could vote for what is best for the country! This calls for term limits! How? Two-thirds of the state legislatures have to call for a convention to propose limits. Then that amendment has to be ratified by three-fourths of the states.

We also need to change the length of terms. Then one could serve, say, four years as representative and, perhaps, eight years as senator. You would only have to raise X million dollars twice in your career! These limits are similar to those in the Missouri Legislature. After 12 years you go back to being ordinary citizens living under the laws you have passed.

BETTY LANDRE, Cape Girardeau