Dunk A Tea Bag

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Visit the USA Veterans 4th of July Celebration at the AC Brase Arena in Cape Girardeau and take a chance to Dunk A Tea Bag!

Mad at your local Republican?!? START THROWING!! Had it with the Democrats?!? START THROWING!! Haven't heard of the Libertarian and Constitution Party?!? START THROWING!!

Frustrated with the politics in your neck of the woods?!?

Dunk that Tea Bag!

Sick of Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and Non-partisans alike?!?

Dunk that Tea Bag!

Mad at your mother-in-law?!?

Dunk that Tea Bag!

Bring out your frustrations and give 'em a dunk!

Open: 12:00 -- 8:00pm

Cost: 3 Balls for a $1.00


- Get 3 Dunks In A Row and Win a Trillion Dollar Bill!

- We'll even give you a 16 Trillion Dollar Bill if you like!

For more information, click here -> http://CapeCountyTeaParty.org/dunk/

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