Spirit of America nominee: Alice Wybert

Tuesday, July 3, 2012
Alice Wybert (Fred Lynch)

Nominated by Bernetta Davis

Alice is a registered nurse and has spent most of her career caring for the elderly, helpless and terminally ill patients of our community. She continues to exhibit her love for God's creatures through her tireless work at Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary. Every day she goes to the shelter to care for her animals. She does the physical work herself, with the help of a few volunteers. Every animal receives individual attention to meet his or her needs until they are given a new, loving home.

On any given day, Alice has 200 to 250 cats and 12 to 24 dogs, which she houses, feeds, provides with medical attention and most of all, she loves them.

Each of her animals have a name, and Alice knows them all. She knows the unfortunate situations which brought them to her and she does all in her power to provide love and security to each one of her clients.

She has rescued many helpless animals from abuse, neglect, cruelty, injury and death. They each are assured a safe, clean, comfortable home and have no fear for their future because Safe Harbor is a no-kill facility.

I applaud Alice for all the selfless hours she has given for the love of her little defenseless ones. Her work may go unnoticed by most, but it is with the spirit of love, compassion, selflessness and goodness that she has dedicated her life to this mission.

Community involvement

* St. Paul Lutheran Church, Jackson

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