Speak Out 6/28/12

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thank you

Thanks to the woman I see every morning driving past St. Mary Cathedral painting, cleaning, sweeping and doing whatever needs to be done to help. It's people like this woman who make our world spin. Thanks again.

Enforcing laws

I had to laugh at the comment from the person complaining about the sheriff pulling over speeders but not catching those who are up to mischief in their neighborhood. So you only want the laws enforced that you think are important and you only want the lawbreakers caught that you want to see punished? Ridiculous!

Tuition increase

It's unbelievable Southeast Missouri State University is giving raises after raising tuition. So many people are still out of work. Most jobs require some college education. Students are graduating with student loans and are having a hard time finding a job. I know several who are working in jobs that are low-paying, and their education hasn't helped them get the job.

Prayer Amendment

The proposed "Right to Pray" Amendment to the Missouri Constitution is largely redundant; people are already guaranteed the right to peacefully express their religious beliefs in the Bill of Rights. What's worrying is that a largely overlooked portion of the legislation states that students can reject assignments in school that violate their religious beliefs. The text in this amendment may be used as justification for rejecting centuries of scientific study in public schools because of the teachings of religious texts.

Deer editorial

Your filibuster-length opinion piece on the urban deer hunting flap in Cape Girardeau ironically failed to offer any firm opinion.

Waller, tax dollars

I would be interested in knowing why Clay Waller could not have appeared in court on video from Louisiana instead of being brought back to Jackson just to appear on video. Did our tax dollars pay for law enforcement that accompanied him, for the gas, meals, lodging, etc. for everyone involved?

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