Speak Out 6/27/12

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Voter ID

I would like to know why Michelle Obama and Barack Obama are totally against this voter ID but yet when they have a book signing, an ID is one of the requirements to get in there to have your book signed.

Finished product?

I just traveled the new Broadway in front of the Southeast Missourian and the KFVS12 station on down toward Main Street and Water Street. The question I have, is this the finished product? I mean, what is finished there looks finished with the asphalt and everything. If this is the finished product, then it is rougher than the old Broadway we had before. Surely to goodness, there must be another coat of asphalt or something that is going to be put where the asphalt is to smooth this out, because when you cross the walkways that go across where the asphalt is not, it is so rough that it almost takes the front end out of the vehicle.

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