Reward offered in connection with Jackson burglaries

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Officials on Monday offered a $5,000 reward in connection with residential and automobile burglaries in the Jackson area over the past few months.

The reward was offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of people involved in burglaries near Primrose Lane, Bent Creek Golf Course and other areas of the city.

Thieves broke into several vehicles this weekend on Mulberry Street, said Jackson police spokesman Lt. Rodney Barnes. "We've been having numerous vehicle burglaries and home burglaries," he said. "There is the possibility that they are related."

There have been numerous break-ins in Jackson recently.

The night of June 19, homeowners reported burglaries on Strawberry Lane, Briarwood Street, Primrose Lane and Connie Drive. Attempted burglaries were also reported on Briarwood Street and Abbie Court.

Barnes encouraged residents to take security precautions and to make sure their vehicles and homes were locked.

On June 11, several Bent Creek Golf Course-area homeowners reported burglaries had taken place the previous night in the 1200, 1300 and 1400 blocks of Wedgewood Drive, the 1500, 1600 and 2100 blocks of Watson Drive and the 2200 block of Saint Andrews Court, police said.

The week before, thefts were reported along Pioneer Orchard and Bainbridge Road.

In Cape Girardeau, a Fairview Drive resident was the victim of a home-invasion burglary about 4:30 a.m. Thursday, investigators said. And last month several homes and vehicles in a residential area in north Cape Girardeau were broken into and vandalized.

Barnes said it's possible the Jackson and Cape Girardeau incidents could be related, but he didn't say that a definite link has been established.

"It's possibly the same crew that's breaking into cars that's getting into houses," Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Department spokesman Lt. David James said. "If you're at home when your house is burglarized, it makes it a more serious offense. It is more dangerous. They're more willing to accept the risk of a confrontation with the homeowner."

Last week, somebody threw a block through a picture window to break into a home, James said.

"What we're suggesting to people is again to secure their vehicles and property," Barnes said. "If you notice anything suspicious in the neighborhood, notify the nearest law enforcement agency immediately. Do not leave high-end items in your vehicle. If you have to, secure them in the trunk."

The reward will be provided by the Cape Girardeau County Law Enforcement Restitution Fund, a fund to which inmates or prisoners are sometimes required to pay fines. The fund is used for law-enforcement purposes.

"We get little bits of information from sources of all kinds," James said. "Somebody knows who's doing it. We hope a reward will help."

Anyone with information about recent burglaries in the Jackson area should contact the sheriff's department at 243-3551 or the Jackson Police Department at 243-3151.


Pertinent address:

1400 Briarwood Street, Jackson, Mo.

700 Abbie Court, Jackson, Mo.

600 Strawberry Lane, Jackson, Mo.

1400 Briarwood Street, Jackson, Mo.

800 Strawberry Lane, Jackson, Mo.

1400 Primrose Lane, Jackson, Mo.

700 Connie Drive, Jackson, Mo.

1200 block of Wedgewood Drive, Jackson, Mo.

1300 block of Wedgewood Drive, Jackson, Mo.

1400 block of Wedgewood Drive, Jackson, Mo.

1500 block of Watson Drive, Jackson, Mo.

1600 block of Watson Drive, Jackson, Mo.

2100 block of Watson Drive, Jackson, Mo.

2200 block of Saint Andrews Court, Jackson, Mo.

2200 block of Jonathan Drive, Jackson, Mo.

400 block of Pioneer Orchard Road, Jackson, Mo.

Map of pertinent addresses

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