St. Vincent's Kayla Seabaugh earns Class 1 girls soccer player of year award

Monday, June 25, 2012
St. Vincent senior Kayla Seabaugh, right, was named the Class 1 player of the year by the Missouri High School Soccer Coaches Association. (ADAM VOGLER)

The St. Vincent girls soccer team didn't even make it out of district play, but that didn't stop the state's coaches from honoring the Indians.

Senior Kayla Seabaugh was named the Class 1 player of the year by the Missouri High School Soccer Coaches Association, while teammate and fellow senior Storm French repeated as the Class 1 defensive player of the year.

Seabaugh, who will play at Missouri State next season, played sweeper for the Indians. But she managed to score 16 goals, which ranked second on the team.

"Her position is a defensive player, but she's so important to our offensive game plan as well, especially coming off of corner kicks and stuff like that," St. Vincent coach Dusty Wengert said. "It made the most logical sense that if she was going to win one of those awards, it was going to be player of the year.

"I think she has what all coaches can't teach, and that's just a savvy to be in the right spot at the right time. I mean I think she takes a lot of pride in the corner kick, and sometimes that's her only chance to score in the game, so maybe she focuses in when we have those opportunities."

French (Storm)

Seabaugh added six assists, and three of her goals were game-winners.

"She's dynamite and she studies the game," Wengert said. "It's probably cliche to say she's a student of the game, but she really does. She watches and pays attention to what other teams do and how she's being defended on those corner kicks, and she makes the adjustment on the fly. It's something that really can't be coached."

French, who will play at Southeast Missouri State next season, served as St. Vincent's final line of defense before the goalkeeper. She helped the Indians post seven shutouts and finish the season 20-5.

"Storm has the ability that if we wanted to play her at forward, she'd probably be the offensive player of the year," Wengert said.

French scored seven goals and added a team-high 13 assists.

The Indians finished second in the final state poll despite not making it out of Class 1 District 1. St. Vincent lost to eventual state champion St. Pius 2-0 in the district title game.

St. Vincent senior Abby Lappe joined French and Seabaugh on the Class 1 first team. She scored a team-high 21 goals to go with 11 assists.

St. Vincent sophomore Holly Blandford (12 goals, eight assists) and junior Holly Cissell (12 goals, 10 assists) were named to the second team, while freshman Kayla Winkler (three goals, three assists) earned honorable mention.

Two local players earned honorable mention in Class 2. Notre Dame junior Taylor Rinda (13 goals, 11 assists) and Perryville sophomore Allison Moldenhauer (20 goals, 10 assists) were recognized.

Jackson junior Danielle Daume earned honorable mention in Class 3.

Class 1

First team -- Rachel Bemis, so., Principia, DEF; Hannah Wisnewski, jr., Kennedy, DEF; Kayla Seabaugh, sr., St. Vincent, DEF; Storm French, sr., St. Vincent, DEF; Christina Hovatter, so., St. Pius X (Festus), DEF; Brooke Burckhardt, sr., Orchard Farm, FOR; Natalie Weinhold, jr., Lutheran St. Peters, FOR; Nicole Ortega, so., Springfield Catholic, FOR; Sara Cook, sr., Greenwood, FOR; Abby Lappe, sr., St. Vincent, FOR; Caroline Basler, jr., St. Pius X (Festus), FOR; Sydney White, jr., O'Hara, FOR; Andi Davis, sr., O'Hara, FOR; Camille Christie, sr., Pembroke Hill, FOR; Kara Johnson, sr., Principia, GK; Megan Goetzinger, sr., Springfield Catholic, GK; Holly Magre, jr., St. Pius X (Festus), GK; Anna Lillig, fr., St. Pius (KC), GK; Maddie Arens, fr., Principia, MID; Lydia Holtmann, so., Springfield Catholic, MID; Haylee Eastridge, so., St. Pius X (Festus), MID; Katie Sloan, jr., Barstow, MID; Lily Friedman, jr., Pembroke Hill, MID; Alexis Robbers, sr., Orchard Farm, MID

Second team -- Casey Mann, so., Orchard Farm, DEF; Bekah Bade, sr., Springfield Catholic, DEF; Kelly Knierim, jr., Southern Boone, DEF; Lucia Crosetti, jr., O'Hara, DEF; Lindsay Beachner, jr., O'Hara, DEF; Sarah Entwistle, jr., Winfield, FOR; Zoe Smith, jr., Burroughs, FOR; Holly Blandford, so., St. Vincent, FOR; Ashley Marks, jr., St. Pius X (Festus), FOR; Rachel Bacon, so., Summit Christian, FOR; Seirra Grimm, so., KC Lutheran, FOR; Jordan Helms, sr., Southern Boone, GK; Emelie Fredrikson, so., Principia, MID; Merran Waller, fr., Principia, MID; Julia Gassert, sr., Kennedy, MID; Morgan Bogue, so., Sacred Heart, MID; Raven Loughridge, sr., Belle, MID; Kate Koby, jr., Burroughs, MID; Holly Cissell, jr., St. Vincent, MID; Bree Lauders, jr., St. Pius X (Festus), MID; Madison Sallas, fr., Summit Christian, MID; Abby Leighty, sr., St. Pius (KC), MID; Elizabeth Wayda, sr., Pembroke Hill, MID; Sarah Bennett, so., KC Lutheran, MID; Meghan Boschert, jr., Orchard Farm, MID; Kelsey Mansfield, sr., Lutheran North, MID

Honorable mention -- Rachel Perea, jr., Principia, DEF; Taylor Simpson, sr., Winfield, DEF; Emily Vines, sr., MV-BT Liberty, DEF; Honor Kehde, so., Sacred Heart, DEF; Alex Ottoline, so., St. Pius X (Festus), DEF; Kaitlyn Crotty, sr., Bishop LeBlond, DEF; Nicole Bickford, jr., Maryville, DEF; Sarah Lammers, jr., Barat, FOR; Lydia Hohenstein, sr., Lutheran North, FOR; Alyssa Stiens, jr., Maryville, FOR; Katie Curtis, sr., Southern Boone, MID; Gabbi Ebers, so., Sacred Heart, MID; Kayla Winkler, fr., St. Vincent, MID; Shelby Surmeier, sr., Bishop LeBlond, MID; Erin Harvey, sr., Pembroke Hill, MID; Ellen Babbott, jr., Barstow, MID

Player of the year -- Kayla Seabaugh, St. Vincent

Co-offensive players of the year -- Haylee Eastridge, St. Pius X (Festus); Alexis Robbers, Orchard Farm

Defensive player of the year -- Storm French, St. Vincent

Co-goalkeepers of the year -- Megan Goetzinger, Springfield Catholic; Anna Lillig, St. Pius (KC)

Final poll

1. St. Pius (Festus)27-2
2. St. Vincent20-5
3. Principia18-4
4. Springfield Catholic20-7
5. St. Pius (KC)13-10-1
6. O'Hara17-8
7. John Burroughs10-8
8. Pembroke Hill6-14-1
9. Orchard Farm11-13-1
10. Greenwood 16-8

Class 2

First team -- Madi Nichols, sr., Helias, DEF; Callie Henshaw, so., Smithville, DEF; Mary Boos, sr., Notre Dame de Sion, DEF; Jill Griebel, sr., Rosati-Kain, DEF; Sydni Young, so., St. Dominic, DEF; Kelly Ross, sr., Moberly, FOR; Kelsey Mothershead, fr., Smithville, FOR; Caroline Shay, sr., Notre Dame de Sion, FOR; Taylor Sancegraw, so., Farmington, FOR; Cristina Rodriguez, jr., St. Dominic, FOR; Bethany Coons, fr., Union, FOR; Jade Klump, jr., Visitation, FOR; Taylor Geis, jr., Warrensburg, FOR; Liz Czarnecki, jr., Helias, GK; Katy Kessler, jr., Rosati-Kain, GK; Megan Swanson, so., St. Dominic, GK; Kady Dieringer, jr., Rosati-Kain, MID; Bri Ebenroth, jr., St. Dominic, MID; Lauren Jostens, sr., Duchesne, MID; Taylor Hagenhoff, jr., Helias, MID

Second team -- Anisa Alexander, jr., Harrisonville, DEF; Taylor Fusselman, jr., Moberly, DEF; Meryl Vannoy, sr., Notre Dame de Sion, DEF; Allison Birke, so., St. Dominic, DEF; Courtney Lock, sr., Helias, FOR; Lexi Melcher, sr., Helias, FOR; Tricia White, sr., Notre Dame de Sion, FOR; Haley Stewart, sr., Affton, FOR; Tayisah Pohtos, sr., Rosati-Kain, FOR; Amanda Schad, jr., Rosati-Kain, FOR; Emily Monroe, jr., St. Dominic, FOR; Jordan Lewis, so., Smithville, GK; Kinsley Fitzpatrick, sr., De Soto, MID; Becky Roberts, so., Helias, MID; Bailey Reed, so., Mexico, MID; Kyli Nelson, fr., Smithville, MID; Reighan Childers, fr., Grain Valley, MID; Kristin Wolff, jr., St. Dominic, MID; Julia Bartolacci, sr., Visitation, MID; Kaitlin Brauner, sr., Helias, MID

Honorable mention -- Patience Fleak, so., Warrensburg, DEF; Elizabeth Harris, so., Bolivar, DEF; Klaira Ekern, sr., Mexico, DEF; Anna Fink, jr., Fulton, DEF; Kayla Stark, sr., Liberty North, DEF; Sam Been, sr., Notre Dame StL, DEF; Taylor Rinda, jr., Notre Dame, FOR; Ingvild Loenne, sr., Hillsboro, FOR; Summer Dean, sr., Osage, FOR; Maddie Carder, jr., De Soto, MID; Allison Moldenhauer, so., Perryville, MID; Alyssa Parsells, jr., Warrensburg, MID; Kelli Westhues, sr., Moberly, MID; Sara Marcotte, so., Republic, MID; Katie Krull, sr., Smithville, MID; Kayla Mueller, jr., Excelsior Springs, MID

Player of the year -- Cristina Rodriguez, St. Dominic

Offensive player of the year -- Kelsey Mothershead, Smithville

Co-defensive players of the year -- Jill Griebel, Rosati-Kain; Sydni Young, St. Dominic

Goalkeeper of the year -- Megan Swanson, St. Dominic

Final poll

1. St. Dominic28-2
2. Rosati-Kain23-7-1
3. Helias23-5-2
4. Smithville22-5
5. Visitation17-7
6. MICDS16-7
7. Villa Duchesne12-3-2
8. Union19-3
9. Notre Dame13-8
10. Warrensburg 17-8-1
10. Notre Dame de Sion11-10-2

Class 3

First team -- Haley Albert, sr., Eureka, DEF; Kelsey Clayman, sr., Lafayette, DEF; Emily Bollinger, sr., Cor Jesu, DEF; Casey Williamson, jr., Lee's Summit North, DEF; Mallory Page, sr., Lee's Summit, DEF; Kailey Utley, sr., Pattonville, FOR; Mariah Gove, sr., Hazelwood West, FOR; Allie Stephenson, sr., Lee's Summit North, FOR; Jaycie Johnson, jr., Lee's Summit West, FOR; Delaney Kiely, sr., Liberty, FOR; Molly Brewer, sr., Glendale, FOR; Carmen Boessen, sr., Rock Bridge, FOR; Jess Perry, sr., Webster Groves, GK; Maddie Dobyns, jr., Lee's Summit North, GK; Kindra Lierz, so., Glendale, GK; Mikala McGhee, sr., Pattonville, MID; Hunter Wagoner, sr., Troy, MID; Nicole Breece, sr., Parkway South, MID; Katye Skirvan, sr., IWA, MID; Jenn Miller, sr., Cor Jesu, MID; Lauren Sullivan, jr., Staley, MID; Savannah Trujillo, so., St. Teresa's Academy, MID; Alix Opfer, sr., Glendale, MID; Mel Donaldson, jr., IWA, MID

Second team -- Jordan Meier, jr., Ft. Zumwalt South, DEF; Kacey Bright, jr., Rockwood Summit, DEF; Cristina DeZeeuw, so., St. Teresa's Academy, DEF; Kaitlyn Barnes, so., Lee's Summit West, DEF; Peepers Gray, jr., St. Teresa's Academy, DEF; Ashton Anderson, so., Park Hill South, DEF; Abby Turnbull, sr., Nixa, DEF; Jourdan Kilthau, jr., Waynesville, DEF; Paige Westbrook, sr., Ft. Zumwalt West, DEF; Hannah Leinert, jr., Eureka, FOR; Maggie Schneider, jr., Kirkwood, FOR; Alex Massey, sr., Kearney, FOR; Bridget Stewert, jr., Zumwalt South, FOR; Lexi Bumby, sr., Rock Bridge, FOR; Sam Bersett, sr., Cor Jesu, GK; Erin McGauley, sr., Cor Jesu, MID; Alli Magaletta, so., St Joseph's Academy, MID; Courtney Claassen, jr., Park Hill South, MID; Kaitlyn Clark, so., Liberty, MID; Katie Riojas, sr., Park Hill South, MID; Taylor Walker, so., Lee's Summit, MID; Whitney Snow, so., Camdenton, MID; Ashley Geist, sr., Hazelwood West, MID

Honorable mention -- Kathleen Golterman, jr., Cor Jesu, DEF; Kimmie Hulse, sr., Pattonville, DEF; Danielle Daume, jr., Jackson, DEF; Kaitlyn Winking, jr., Waynesville, DEF; Caitlyn Obrock, sr., Hazelwood Central, FOR; Dorian Bailey, fr., St. Teresa's Academy, FOR; Ashley Licata, sr., Lee's Summit North, FOR; Donna Jolliff, sr., Seckman, FOR; Ashley Burton, sr., Oakville, FOR; Miriam Taylor, jr., Camdenton, FOR; Taylor Wade, jr., Ft. Zumwalt South, FOR; Morgan Hartzler, sr., Kearney, GK; Ali Wallner, jr., Eureka, GK; Haley Markway, sr., Nerinx Hall, MID; Karley Thomas, sr., Ft. Zumwalt West, MID; Maddie Orf, jr., IWA, MID; Jessica Seiler, sr., Ft. Zumwalt East, MID; Jessi Hartzler, so., Kearney, MID; Brandi Vollmer, jr., Lee's Summit West, MID; Lauren Moats, sr., Nixa, MID; Amanda Wiechens, sr., Ft. Zumwalt North, MID

Player of year -- Jenn Miller, Cor Jesu

Offensive player of the year -- Allie Stephenson, Lee's Summit North

Defensive player of the year -- Alix Opfer, Glendale

Co-goalkeepers of the year -- Maddie Dobyns, Lee's Summit North; Jess Perry, Webster Groves

Final poll

1. Cor Jesu23-2
2. Lee's Summit North24-4
3. St. Joseph's Academy16-7-1
4. Glendale19-7
5. Nerinx Hall15-4-3
6. Park Hill South19-5-2
7. Incarnate Word Academy16-6-1
8. Pattonville21-6
9. Eureka18-3
10. Kearney24-3
11. Rock Bridge15-7
12. Ft. Zumwalt West21-5-1
13. Rockwood Summit18-5
14. Oakville18-5
15. Lafayette14-4
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