Couple combines love for each other, sports in wedding ceremony

Sunday, June 24, 2012
Kevin and Christy Alexander outside of Capaha Field on June 17. The couple exchanged their wedding vows on the field April 25. (Laura Simon)

For Kevin and Christy Alexander sports have a special significance. The Cape Girardeau couple was married April 25 at home plate on Capaha Field. This was a first for the park.

"Sports is kind of what brought us together," Kevin Alexander said.

The couple met while participating in Upward Sports at Lynwood Baptist Church. He coached basketball and football, and she coached cheerleading.

"It ended up growing into what it is," Kevin Alexander said. "We ended up realizing we are in love, and that is the way it is supposed to be."

The Alexanders were engaged on March 13. Kevin said he ordered tickets for a concert by Christian band Casting Crowns and hid the ring in the envelope.

"She didn't see the ring at first," he said.

Kevin and Christy Alexander outside of Capaha Field on June 17. The couple exchanged their wedding vows on the field April 25. (Laura Simon)

The couple knew they wanted to have two weddings, but hadn't set dates or places. On April 25, they decided to get married on the baseball field and began making plans for that evening. After placing many calls, they finally got the approval they needed.

"We did do it spur of the moment," Christy Alexander said.

According to Kevin, he is more of a baseball fan than his wife, but they have fun watching games together. She said the first Capaha baseball game she attended was with him.

"I love baseball, and I love Christy," said Kevin. "To me it was the perfect day."

They exchanged their vows at home plate and wore Cardinals jerseys for the occasion.

Christy said even the preacher, Josh Trotter, dressed for the occasion, wearing shorts, a polo shirt and sunglasses. Trotter stood in the umpires position for the ceremony and she said he was their umpire because he could call fouls in their marriage.

After exchanging vows, the newlyweds ran the bases while holding hands and stopping to kiss at every base.

"He slid into home holding my hand still," Christy said.

Kevin said he had heard from friends that weddings can be incredibly stressful. However, that was not the case with his.

Kevin and Christy Alexander outside of Capaha Field. (Laura Simon)

"I will always remember every bit of this one," Kevin said.

The couple continued the baseball theme by giving Cracker Jacks to their witnesses. Christy Alexander's mom and stepdad and Trotter's family were the only people present for the wedding. However, the couple plans to hold another ceremony at a later date with more family and friends in attendance.

"Whenever it works out we'll do it," Kevin said. "We are pretty easy going."

However, he wants to have the wedding later this year when the weather is cooler. He also hopes that the second ceremony will be on Capaha Field.

"I'd like to get everybody to the ball field for a white wedding," said Kevin.

Christy and Kevin Alexander run down to first base. (Submitted photo)

The couple plans to keep sports a part of their family's life. For example, Kevin said they would bring Christy's three children, Ryanna, 8, Brydan, 6, and Chrislyn, 4, to Capaha baseball games.

"They are as awesome as you can imagine kids to be," Kevin said.


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