Gubernatorial candidate finishes state tour in Bollinger County

Thursday, June 21, 2012
Gubernatorial candidate Dave Spence, right, tours Crader Distributing Co. in Marble Hill, Mo., on Wednesday. (Linda Redeffer)

MARBLE HILL, Mo. -- Republican gubernatorial candidate Dave Spence, who has spent the last several weeks visiting every Missouri county, ended his tour Wednesday in Bollinger County. No matter where he went in the state, Spence said, people told him they are worried about their future.

"They're concerned about why we find ourselves 50th in job creation and why we had zero percent growth last year -- 43rd in the country," Spence said. "They're frustrated. They should be."

Spence said he considers his political opponent to be Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon. When pressed for an answer about what sets him apart from the other candidates in the Republican primary, he said he adheres to the "11th commandment, 'thou shalt not speak ill of thy opponent.'"

What he does stress is his business experience against other candidates' political experience, especially Nixon's.

"He's been on the Missouri payroll for 26 years," Spence said. "I've been running a business for 27."

For 27 years Spence has devoted his life to building Alpha Plastics in St. Louis. He said 12 banks turned him down when he applied for financing to buy the company that had 15 employees and $350,000 in yearly sales, but now Alpha Plastics has annual sales of $200 million and 800 employees.

Spence said Missouri is one of the easiest states in the nation to get sued, "which does not send the right message." He said he would like to open communications with labor unions because their stance against Missouri being a right-to-work state "doesn't seem to be working for them, either. In St. Louis they have a 45 percent unemployment rate. We have to start talking about these things and get going for Missouri."

Spence said he will not be influenced by special-interest groups and that he has not accepted campaign donations from any. He and his wife, Suzie, have self-financed his efforts, and he has accepted contributions only from friends and from businesses who want to see the state's business climate improve.

"How can we trust somebody who has never had to deal with the real world?" Spence said. "It's time the people from the private sector straightened out what the career politicians screwed up."

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