Health Beat: Fishing precautions

Tuesday, June 19, 2012
This father and his two sons are about to embark on a freshwater fishing trip.
Cade Martin

People should consult their local fish advisories before planning a fishing trip. Before arriving at the dock, the father in the picture at right investigated the possibility of there being any fish advisories pertinent to the region in which they'd be fishing.

He is discussing the route they would take with the older of his two boys, using a written guide to the waterways, while the younger boy is examining one of the fishing poles to be used on the trip. The three are going to use one of the canoes seen in the background. Along with wearing clothing appropriate for an outdoor canoe trip, which would protect them from the sun's rays, insect bites and scratches, they applied sunscreen to their exposed skin.

Not to be missed is the fact that the boys would be learning how to fish, as well as a set of values, enabling them to appreciate how important it is to respect nature, and to be conscious of their impact upon the ecological balance of the environment.

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