Speak Out 6/19/12

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Student computers

Concerning the stories regarding a laptop for every student: Did the reporter ask if the assistant superintendent polled the teachers to see what use of technology they currently use and then follow up by looking at class Web pages and the use of the computer labs for what type of projects? Technology is not the key; the key is how it is used. This seems like someone wants to get on the bandwagon without a lot of planning. For the amount of money, let's use a year to investigate just how we would use the technology. Students are good with smartphones and gaming but unfortunately that's about all. This is something the school district should know already but seems to be ignoring.

Unemployment rate

It's complicated. If unemployment is lower than the nation's in a state that has a has a Republican governor, the Republican governor deserves the credit. If the rate of unemployment in a state that has a Republican governor is the same or higher than it is nationally, it is President Obama's fault. If the rate of unemployment is the same or higher than it is nationally in a state with a Democratic governor it is the fault of the governor and the president. If the rate of unemployment is lower in a state than it is nationally and has a Democratic governor, it is the result of market forces over which neither the governor nor the president have any control and, therefore, deserve no credit.

Rust, Limbaugh

Reading over last Sunday's paper, I read the article by Gary Rust about David Limbaugh. Does he think there are no Democrats who read the paper? They are judging other people. Is this a joke? Isn't it bad enough we have to put up with Rush? Ask several liberals to write articles in the paper, or are you all just scared to do that?

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