Rose Garden

It wasn't that long ago that Cape Girardeau was known as the City of Roses. A short drive around town and you're sure to find a beautifully landscaped yard with at least one rosebush. But perhaps no prettier area featuring the much-sought-after flower is the Rose Garden in Capaha Park.

Plantings for the garden started in the 1950s. Since then the Rose Garden's board of directors has led the effort -- without taxpayer dollars -- for the garden's upkeep and improvements.

To help cover maintenance costs, granite pavers are now being sold. The pavers will form a cross-shaped walk area called "Walkway of Honor." Barbara Blanchard, co-chairwoman of the Rose Garden board, said the pavers can be engraved in memory or in honor of someone. Organizers say work will begin in the fall. If you are interested in purchasing a paver, which come in two sizes, contact Blanchard at bablanchard@yahoo.com.

Anyone who has roses in their yard knows the upkeep required to keep the flowers at their best. Countless volunteers have made this effort for the Rose Garden, and the result has been a stunning display for all to enjoy. Thank you to the Rose Garden board of directors, donors and other volunteers who have helped make this garden a beautiful icon in Cape Girardeau.