Speed limits

Monday, June 18, 2012

Outside the city limits of Cape Girardeau and Jackson, the population density in Cape Girardeau County is rather sparse. But just because there is not much traffic doesn't mean that traffic speed is not an issue.

County Commissioner Paul Koeper is right in his assessment that the default speed limit of 60 miles per hour on county roads is ridiculous. Most county roads are narrow and curvy and do not support those speeds. In fact, most roads already have speed limit signs, but those speeds are not supported by ordinance since the county did not establish them when the county became a first-class county in 1997.

Speed limits affect all of us personally. It affects how quickly we get to work and how safe the traffic is near our homes. If you have suggestions on what speed limits should be near where you live, now is your chance to address it.

The county commission will be holding public hearings on speed limits for county roads at the following times:

* 9 a.m. July 5

* 10 a.m. July 10

* 9 a.m. July 12

If you have a strong opinion on the matter, we encourage you to attend one of these meetings.

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