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Bankruptcies filed through May for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeast Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Bollinger County

Fulton, Stanley L. and Janice L.10489
Slinkard, Jeffrey A.10497
Karn, Robert D.10511
Nanney, John M. Jr.10521
Mangrum, Jessie E.10559

Butler County

Eaton, Jamie L.10460
Davidson, Randy A. and Pamela K.10461
March, Joshua and Stephanie M.10478
Campbell, Michelle L.10479
Goins, Joshua D.10481
Busby, Joann10487
Dollins, Jimmy G. and Cynthia E.10488
Myers, Billy G. II and Lynda R.10490
Weaver, David and Cindy10500
Britt, Mable S.10503
Emmons, Ron R. and Karen K.10509
Ogelvie, Michelle J.10513
Elsberry, Mary B.10514
Armes, Keith E. and Laura S.10518
Elders, Kurtis and Rebecca M.10524
Armiger, Steven D. and Tracy L.10525
Warrick, Amanda L.10528
Stage, Jessica L.10539
Kennedy, Teddy R. and Naomi R.10543
Flippin, Stephanie D.10546
Williams, Lisa A.10551
Kirchner, Karen S.10561
Miller, Earl J.10566
Redmond, William A.10570
Cook, Brian L. and Carolyn A.10574

Cape Girardeau County

Weinkein, Justin J.10450
Cordia, David L.10451
Ringwald, Barbara A.10453
Simmons, Jessica A.10457
Guardian Escrow Co. LLC10462
Rowland, Amanda R.10465
Broadbent, Juanita D.10466
Diamond, Amanda R.10468
Beck, Larry A. and Brenda J.10472
Sheridan, Edward V.10475
Ramsey, Jeanna M.10484
Oshia, Marjorie S.10485
Lester, Shannon C.10496
Davis, Theresa J.10502
Holloway, Eric L. and Becky10505
Kellum, Felica10506
Salzmann, Paula J.10507
Salinas, Armando, M.10508
Acevedo, Felix R. and Doris Y.10510
Brown, Agnes L.10519
Wilson, Robert J.10522
McGhee, Anthony S.10523
Sumner, Robert F. Sr. and Donna M.10530
Clemon, Sean10531
Ross, Robert R. and Penny S.10542
Brown, Kerry H.10544
Lincoln, Alicia E.10545
Graviett, Angela D.10554
Schafer, William J. and Clara J.10555
Hill, Gregory S.10558
Foster, Thomas A.10585
Erickson, Carol J.10569
Davis, Katherine A.10571
Abernathy, Crystal D.10573
Stoops, David A. and Paula F.10575

Carter County

Kingston, David W. and Pamela D.10491

Dunklin County

Phelps, Gregory B. and Judy D.10458
Maxwell, Brenda S.10494
Benson, Stella10552
Jackson, Matthew10556
Sharp, Robert10557
Harless, Jonathan W.10562

Madison County

Griggs, Richard W.10469
Francis, Tara N.10516
Halek, Scott D. and Sandra L.10534
Grill, Richard L.10535
Pogue, Mary E.10536

Mississippi County

DeGrant, Janet L.10463
Suggs, Kerry L. and Susan D.10538
Ahlfield, Linda A.10548
Ray, Benjamin A.10577

New Madrid County

Baldwin, Melinda K.10456
Earnheart, Deanna L.10473
Overton, Charles H. and Lisa D.10476
Bewley, Michael W. and Heather M.10477

Pemiscot County

Shaver, Noble L. Jr. and Britany C.10517
Coram, Michael10553

Perry County

McMackin, Jacqueline M.10454
Hapgood, Melissa G.10474
Huber, Chad M.10526
Patton, Jackie L. and Karen K.10527
Flentge, Robert J.10532
Christisen, Mary P.10533

Reynolds County

Hill, James K.10493
Bass, John F. and Linda D.10547

Ripley County

Nelson, Anthony G. and Tiffani B.10459
Nimmo, Marquetta L.10492
Fisher, Loretta J. and Billy E.10567
Rader, Patricia A.10568
Corlee, Jerry S.10576
Casteel, Michael W. and Elizabeth A.10578

Scott County

Cureton, Thomas G. Jr. and Beverly A.10452
Ruiz, Robert Jr. and Yolanda G.10455
Snyder, Jerry D.10464
Wilson, Walter J. and Brenda J.10467
Gonzalez, Mauro and Christie M.10471
Strohmeyer, Darryl R. and Teresa A.10483
Kellum, Joseph and Gwendolyn E.10486
Patton, David W.10495
Lott, Kornelia C.10498
Daniel, Willie L.10515
Russell, Beverly J.10520
Shultz, Christina L.10529
Romo, James M. and Amberina L.10537
Rice, Michael W. and Lisa M.10550
Sanders, Lolita K.10560
Richman, Justine L.10563
Williams, Terri L.10564

Shannon County

Cowin, Frances F.10470

Stoddard County

Carlson, Adam J.10480
Lowman, Nicole L. and David R.10482
Anthony, Kara R.10499
Smith, Teresa D.10501
Molloy, Daniel T. II and Elizabeth K.10512
Barry, Debra J.10540
Smith, Jonia R.10541
Poe, Austin T.10549
Bennett, Peter R.10572

Wayne County

Holloway, Johnny W. and Carrie A.10504
Fredenburg, Dale C.10579
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