Paid election letter: Emerson votes like a Democrat

Thursday, June 14, 2012

So many people have told me that they are not all that pleased with Jo Ann Emerson's voting record, but they don't want to run the risk of having a Democrat represent our district. Did they notice that Jo Ann voted with the Democrats twice the last week of May?

I would like for them to consider these following facts: Bob Parker, with little money or name recognition, got 34 percent of the vote in the last primary with Jo Ann. Democrat Tommy Sowers, after spending over a million dollars, got 29 percent of the vote in the 2010 general election with Jo Ann. That tells me, at this point in time, this district will not elect a Democrat. A competent Republican like Bob Parker will win. Our representative does not have to be Jo Ann.

Jo Ann votes like a Democrat and is much more Washingtonian than Missourian. We, in this district, need to show some courage. Please vote for pro-life, conservative Republican Bob Parker on Aug. 7.

LINDA REUTZEL, 3011 Minutemen Way, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701