Speak Out 6/14/12

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Breast cancer

In the obituaries there was another young woman lost to breast cancer. It seems more young women are getting cancer now. Please, when things don't seem correct, contact a doctor. If you don't have insurance, see if the American Cancer Society can find you help.

Missing cap

Attention, Notre Dame graduates of May 20: When we went outside on that day to throw our caps up in the air, someone inadvertently took my cap by mistake. My name was in the cap and my initials are N.B. Please check, I would like my cap back as I paid for my cap and gown. You may return it to the school office.

Rude parents

We just attended our daughter's final dance recital, and once again, I am amazed at the number of adults who don't know how to act in public. The students and teachers work extremely hard all year to put on a wonderful show. However, the experience is always marred by a few parents (and unfortunately, their children who learn by example) who feel the need to hoot and holler every time their child is on stage. When asked to "hush" by others, they got louder. Drawing attention to themselves seems to be more important than letting the emphasis be on the students. Cheering after a performance is fine, but what they were doing was just plain rude.

Park bathrooms

So Jackson's parks department removed bathroom doors because people might hide. Are you saying Jackson is not as safe as Cape Girardeau and the county park? Without the doors, there is a lack of safety and a bird's-eye view from the entrance door. I have seen preteen boys hanging around the women's side of the bathrooms in Jackson park.

Jobs report

You had a headline the other day to the effect that a bad jobs report hurts the global economy. In reality, it is the global economy (globalization) that is hurting U.S. job growth. Eight percent or so unemployment in the U.S. may be the new normal unless the middle and working classes are willing to return to the days of virtual slave labor and sweatshops while simultaneously abolishing laws against child labor.

Animal treatment

All who tie up dogs, all "wannabe" urban hunters and all who abuse animals in various ways should ponder the statement made by Mahatma Ghandi: "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." One wonders how the Cape Girardeau area and Missouri rate.

Wisconsin election

Karl Rove is a modest man. He attributed the success in preventing Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker from being recalled to the "ground game," meaning getting the vote out. Indeed, that was true. However, it is also true that in order to get the vote out Rove and his allies outraised the opposition by a whopping 7:1.

Kissing dogs

Some may think that a small child kissing a dog is cute, but let's be real. It is dangerous. One split second and that child's face could be full of stitches. Do you know where that dog's mouth was before that?

Limbaugh discredit

I totally disagree with the Speak Out comment "Rush and credit." I give Rush Limbaugh no credit. The only thing he does is stir up stuff. He knows little about what he thinks he knows about, politics. He is disruptive and demeaning to society and to women as a whole, and I am ashamed that he is on the floodwall in Cape Girardeau and in the Hall of Famous Missourians. I think he is not a credit to Missouri, he is a discredit.

Town hall meetings

Cape Girardeau seems to have a lot of issues and projects. Why doesn't the city council have town hall meetings in their wards to find out what the people actually want and feel about issues in Cape Girardeau?

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