Paid election letter: Parker stresses background, commitment

Monday, June 11, 2012

We appreciate communicating with paid election letters. I'm Bob Parker, conservative, pro-life candidate for the Republican Party's nomination to represent you in Washington. Our growing list of supporters are putting out signs and going door-to-door. Have you wondered about my background?

My devoted wife Karen and I came to the 8th District 35 years ago. At 19 years of age, with more nerve than sense, we bought our dairy farm. We chased cows twice a day, seven days a week; we were blessed by God with success. Karen now teaches; my business involves real estate, farming and working as a hunting guide. Our family includes two daughters, their devoted husbands and five cherished grandchildren.

This is our second attempt to serve in Washington. In 2010, conservative Republican voters, upset with Congress, supported us with 34 percent of the primary vote on a very small campaign budget. We didn't see the conservative attitude we expected in the federal government. I doubt you have either. After much prayer, my wife and I decided to run again.

Protecting the unborn and keeping Social Security solvent are major goals for us. Our campaign volunteers strive to preserve the America you are also committed to. We're motivated to correct the direction of our country, the country our veterans fought for, the country our seniors will bestow upon us. On Aug. 7, ask for a Republican ballot to determine the fate of our district and nation. Your vote for Bob Parker will not be taken for granted.

BOB PARKER, 19438 Golden Drive, Raymondville, MO 65555