Speak Out 6/11/12

Monday, June 11, 2012

Helping hand

I was at a store at Jackson recently, and there was a lady, a Virginia Sides, who was very helpful. She helped me check out my groceries and bagged them for me and then helped me get everything in to my car. I really appreciate her help because I am with a walker and can't do this all by myself. So I really appreciate her help and I hope she reads this and that she knows how much I appreciated it.


I was just reading in the paper where they are going to be doing work on the roundabout at Silver Springs and Gordonville roads and I was thinking how absurd the whole situation is with that roundabout and wondering how much four stop signs would have cost.

East Cape liquor

I live in East Cape Girardeau, Ill. We used to have one liquor license, now we have four. Basically we have a liquor license for every 100 people who live in East Cape. There is something very wrong with the board for allowing this to happen.

Government pricing?

To any politician who might read this, I believe there should be a law passed that all merchandise should be sold to mom and pop stores for the same price as those big merchants. It would get more businesses going.

Levee waste

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is wasting so much taxpayer money. If they had spent just a little bit of money helping repair the river wall in Cairo, Ill., they would not have needed to blow up the levee at Birds Point. They've already spent about $20 million repairing the levee at Birds Point and haven't got anything done. Now they want to spend another $20 million and it still isn't done. It is more than a year later. They have been tearing up roads, they have been tearing up bridges, they are tearing up everything and spending more taxpayer money. It is time to tell the Corps of Engineers to stop tearing things up.

Firefighter thanks

A huge thank you to the Cape Girardeau Fire Department for their immediate response to the greenhouse fire at the Cape Girardeau Career and Technology Center. Their efforts saved our building from devastation. And also a huge thank you to professor Denise Pingle from Southeast Missouri State University and her students for salvaging plants from our greenhouse and returning them to the greenhouse at SEMO. Their gracious efforts will assure that our school will be ready for our students and our landscape horticulture program in the fall.

Returned wallet

I want to thank the person for turning in the tattered red wallet at the Country Mart in Jackson on May 24. God bless.

Won't date a tanner

I would like to make a comment on you women that sun tan. I don't know why you want to put yourself through that. I know women that started sun tanning in their 20s and now their in their 50s and they look like they are going on 85 to 90. I won't date a woman that sun tans because when I turn 50 and she turns 50, I'd rather have a woman that looks like she is 50 instead of one that is going on 85 or 90.

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