Trading our agenda for God's great adventure

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I have a heart that yearns for adventure. I crave the bigness of creation to be made known to me, and to find the humble honesty in smallness. I crave the heartbreaking beauty of humanity and inspiration found in unexpected places. I crave for my heart to be touched by the gentle sweetness of the only One who knows how to touch that untouchable place in my soul.

My desire for adventure cuts to the core of who I am, the core of my desperate need to know my God in ways I haven't known him before. It's me crying out for him to transform my heart as he reveals himself to me, showing me how breathtaking and incomprehensible and adventurous he is. It's me begging him to show me the depth of his love for me and for humanity. It's me aching to know the depths of his heart, the depths of who he is.

At the depths of his heart is where I find myself: the self that knows I am an heir with Christ, that aches to be consumed with the very love that is not content until every last piece of my innocence is restored. That love bore a cross of wood up a hill and chose to die on it because he knew my every fear, worry and sin and wanted to take it from me so I would be free -- free to trust him to draw me to the deepest part of his heart, free to live the radical adventure of love waiting for me there.

One of the most beautiful prayers I've ever encountered that surrenders to God and his adventure is the song "Broken Bread" by Rend Collective Experiment. My favorite lines say, "Spend my life, Jesus, any way you please -- whether on great things, or what seems small. Your will done your way. I will not fight you -- lead me past the line that my heart draws. I will not fight you -- take me beyond the laziness of my thoughts. I will not fight -- lead me further than I've gone before. I will not fight you -- I'm abandoned to your call. God let your dreams come true, dream through us."

God's dreams and love let the enormity of God remain a mystery while wrapping it around me like a blanket that I can feel and understand. It leads me to love unexpected people in unexpected ways and lets me be loved by unexpected people in unexpected ways. It completely fills me until it touches the untouchable hole in my soul and overflows. It takes my own agenda and lays it down for something so much sweeter, something I couldn't have thought of. It is an adventure that is deep and true and good, and what we were created to know and live.

Love makes each day an adventure.

Mia Pohlman is a Perryville, Mo., native studying at Truman State University. She loves performing, God and the color purple -- not necessarily in that order.

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