Speak Out 6/8/12

Friday, June 8, 2012

Rush deserves better

I was just reading the May 27 Speak Out. There is a comment called "Not deranged." That should have never been put in the paper. Rush is from Cape Girardeau, and I don't think that should have been put in the paper because he deserves better than that.

Soap idea

I am calling in response to the caller who was talking about the pieces of soap and what to do with them. If you put them in a microwave bowl, preferably a Corelle or something like that which is not plastic, and add just a little bit of water and microwave them until they melt down. You can pour it into a new form -- sprayed with cooking spray so it won't stick -- and make a new bar. Or if you want it to go into a dispenser, add more water to keep it thinned down.

Trash problem

I live on a hill in Jackson, and I am handicapped. I asked the city to let me take my trash bag to the end of my sidewalk and they could come up and get it. They said no. May I ask what is fair? They drive up these private lanes with these trucks to read the meters. Do you really think that is being fair to this poor soul to charge her $2 for her trash pick up and you don't even want to come to her sidewalk? You tell me.

Big government

I am calling with regard to the city council's proposed ordinance to make feeding deer in Cape Girardeau an illegal activity. My wife is currently feeding a raccoon and a possum. Is this going to become illegal in the future? Oh yeah, I forgot; in the winter we also feed the birds. So there is another candidate for an ordinance. This is just another example of increased government control over people's lives. The city council must not have anything important to work on.

Cape's streets

I hope they rethink the Lexington Avenue roundabout. This isn't St. Louis. Large trucks will probably not like it, and snow plows will hate it. There will probably be more traffic on Abbey Road and Kenneth Drive to get to Route K, too. Broadway is already torn up; what will be next? No wonder Jackson is growing.

Vandalism problem

I was reading the article in the Missourian about the vandalism in north Cape Girardeau. I found it quite interesting that the police spokesman felt the need to let everyone know that they take these things quite seriously. OK, as opposed to what? The fact that they take crime seriously should be a given unless they have had complaints. The perpetrators are getting braver and braver as evidenced by their use of weapons to slash tires and use as a projectile to break down a front door. In the last six years this has happened two or three times a year and no one has been caught. This time it was more serious than someone just stealing change out of a glove box. I would like for the police to defend themselves without being defensive as to why they keep getting away with it.

Double standard

I would like to know why they set up a drug task force to go after these people on bath salt and doing that fake marijuana, but yet they don't want to go after these people committing welfare fraud.

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