Washington jury convicts man of killing Cape native

Friday, June 8, 2012

BELLINGHAM, Wash. -- A jury found the man accused in the death of a Cape Girardeau native guilty of first-degree murder Wednesday.

Keayn Dunya was accused of killing his estranged wife, Kriston Peterman-Dunya, 32, on July 3.

Because Keayn Dunya used a shotgun in the incident, the sentence for the murder is enhanced, officials in the Whatcom County prosecuting attorney's office said. Dunya, who is scheduled to be sentenced at 9 a.m. Monday, faces a minimum of 25 years in prison.

Kara Buchanan and Dunya were both charged in the case after Peterman-Dunya was found dead in her Bellingham apartment July 5 when a concerned co-worker went to check on her. In a voice mail to police after the body was found, Buchanan said she killed Peterman-Dunya and that by the time they located Buchanan she too would be dead. Police found Buchanan with slit wrists on a beach, though the wounds were not critical.

Surveillance video taken from Peterman-Dunya's apartment shows a man matching Dunya's description exiting a Toyota Avalon just before 5 a.m. July 3. The security tapes show a man wearing a coat and carrying a long-barreled shotgun in his right hand.

A shotgun and ammunition were found in Buchanan's home.

A first-degree murder charge against Buchanan was dropped in May. She pleaded guilty to the felony of rendering criminal assistance and later testified against Dunya.

Prosecutors have suggested for a motive that Dunya and Peterman-Dunya, who had separated, were about to go through a custody battle for their 7-year-old son, Kai.

Peterman-Dunya's parents, Gene and Wilda Peterman, are taking care of Kai.



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