Bollinger County man accused of kidnapping, assault

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

MARBLE HILL, Mo. -- A Bollinger County man is in police custody, accused of kidnapping and second-degree domestic assault.

According to the Bollinger County Sheriff Department's probable-cause statement, Robert J. Reynolds, 29, became angry with his girlfriend Friday at their residence in Bollinger County. According to the document, Reynolds slammed her head against a wall, beat her and, when she was on the ground, backed his truck next to her and revved the engine, causing her to pass out from the exhaust.

Reynolds then allegedly forced the woman into his truck and left with her, threatening to kill her and bury her body. The victim told police that she could not escape from Reynolds because she was recovering from a broken pelvis as a result of an auto accident and had to use a walker that Reynolds took from her.

According to the statement, Reynolds stopped the truck on County Road 614 and began shoveling rock into the bed of the truck, saying he would need rock to cover the dirt. He took the woman to a field and told her that's where he would bury her, and that he would kill himself in front of her.

He later drove back to their residence and apologized to the woman. The woman later left with Reynolds' stepsister, and authorities later learned that Reynolds was in custody in Jackson for allegedly stealing gasoline. He was read his rights while in custody of the Jackson Police Department and is expected to be brought back to the Bollinger County Jail.

Reynolds' truck was impounded, and evidence from the truck was seized: a shovel, a metal pipe and a tarp.

The woman suffered bruises from the assault and pain coming from the wounds she suffered earlier in the year from the auto accident.

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