Mission Continues

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Veterans are giving folks. Service in defense of country is a noble calling, and many men and women have answered this call -- some completing multiple deployments overseas. When these heroes return home, many want to continue a lifestyle of service. The Mission Continues, a St. Louis-based veterans program, has stepped up to help veterans with this ambition continue giving to their communities.

The program, which partners with Fox Sports Midwest, offers fellowships to veterans. The fellows then lead community efforts to rehab local facilities. If you watch the St. Louis Cardinals on TV you've probably seen other community projects featured. This Saturday Cape Girardeau will be the beneficiary of this worthwhile program.

Robert Wake, a veteran who resides in Malden, Mo., will lead a group of volunteers in sprucing up the baseball field at Cape Girardeau's junior high and middle schools. Formerly used by the Central High School baseball team, the field is now mostly used by local youth leagues.

Fox Sports Midwest will be on hand to interview volunteers, and announcer and former Cardinals pitcher Al Hrabosky will also attend.

Wake hopes to see 250 volunteers help in the project, which will include painting, landscaping and repair and installation of goal posts and foul poles. If you would like to sign up, call 314-588-8805. The project will go from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the baseball field, on Caruthers Avenue.

Hats off to Wake for taking charge of the project and to the Mission Continues and Fox Sports Midwest for choosing Cape Girardeau as one of the featured locations. To all the volunteers and donors, including local businesses providing supplies, thank you. We're looking forward to seeing the improved field.

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