Paid election letter: Parker is the true conservative

Monday, June 4, 2012

Well, Jo Ann Emerson did it again.

She was the only Missouri Republican to vote to keep the union monopoly on military contracts. It's our money and I would like to have contracts done by the lowest competent bidder -- union or not. Jo Ann also co-sponsored the bill that will bail out bankrupt union pensions. I don't care what kind of benefits a union negotiates, just don't make me pay for them.

Jo Ann, of course, has voted for most of the bailouts. She is a big spending, big government, fully entrenched Washingtonian. After 16 years we are due a change. Other states are ousting the people who got us in this debt and deficit problem and electing fresh, conservative, small-government candidates.

We have a candidate running against Emerson. His name is Bob Parker. He is a true conservative. I urge everybody in this district to do some soul searching. It is time to fix our fiscal house in Washington, D.C., and Jo Ann is not the one to do it. Please consider voting for Bob Parker, the true conservative. To find out more about him, go to

LINDA REUTZEL, 3011 Minutemen Way, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701