Speak Out 6/3/12

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Important matters

I don't know why it takes so long and so much work, so much paper work and so much moaning and groaning among Cape Girardeau City Council members who oppose urban deer hunting. Loretta Schneider is right on target. Euthanize them or allow bow hunting to kill the deer and donate the meat to local food banks. End of story. Get on with more important matters.

Chaffee speed

Speed limits at Chaffee, Mo., are 20 miles in town everywhere. Why is it Scott City, Benton, Mo., Morley, Mo., Oran, Mo., all of them at least are 25 to 30 to 35 miles and none of these towns has sidewalks for pedestrians, but Chaffee does. I can see 20 mph at schools, but most cars idle at 20. Thank goodness the grocery store and the dollar store are on the highway.

Religion, politics

I think one of the most dangerous things happening to America is the mailing I got from Ralph Reed, supposedly a Christian and then claims he is a Constitutionalist. That is my problem with those who claim they are Constitutionalists, is that they have a very narrow perspective of things and that is what our founding fathers were afraid of. Such as you cannot be a liberal Christian. This narrow perspective will really hurt our nation, and I just encourage people to open their hearts with love and don't let any narrow-minded person tell you how to think. And if it is being done from a pulpit at church, then these churches deserve to lose their tax exemptions.

Rush and credit

For all of you people who don't like Rush Limbaugh, why do you listen to him? And if you say you don't listen to him, how can you have any opinion or criticize him? His being named to the hall of fame of Missouri has brought credit to the state of Missouri and to Cape Girardeau. I am with him all the way.

Economic recovery

I find it interesting that a caller recently referred to Ohio and Virginia as evidence that the unemployment rate is going down. Both are being covered by Republican governors, not Obama economics.

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