Letter to the Editor

Thanks to local police

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dear Cape Girardeau Police Department,

A note to say thanks for all of your devotion and attention to the Citizens Police Academy 2012.

All of our questions were answered, and I learned so much regarding the inner workings of the Cape Girardeau Police Department and the city of Cape Girardeau.

I respect and care for all of you and only regret that everyone in the city could not be involved in this special learning experience.

I cannot neglect to say a special thank you to patrolman Cody Farrow for the exciting ride-along.

Thank you, chief Carl Kinnison, Cpl. Ike Hammonds, patrolman Darin Hickey, Sgt. Jason Selzer, assistant city attorney Gregg Young, Detective Jeff Bohnert, patrol commander John Davis, Sgt. Kevin Orr, patrolman Ty Metzger, Lt. Barry Hovis, Cpl. Jeff Bonham, patrolman Luther Bonds, Cheryl Stoffregen, patrolman Roy Rahn, Sgt. Smith and Mayor Harry Rediger.

Sincerely yours,

JOICE ANN WHITBY, Cape Girardeau