Friday, May 25, 2012
4H members learn cake decorating during recent meeting

The Kids Rock 4-H Club had their monthly meeting in the Kelly Elementary gym. Starting things off like usual, the members said their pledges, talked about recent and upcoming events, and then went straight to work! They divided into project groups consisting of: Arts and Crafts, Cake Decorating, Physics, and Missouri Conservation Frontiers.

The Arts and Crafts group, led by Amy Hutson, decorated a wooden tray using their initials on the inside. The project was a very creative way to express themselves and to decorate their rooms.

The Cake Decorating group each brought their own cupcakes to decorate for their families. Their leaders, Tabitha Vetter and Jeff Collins, showed them how to make their own icing and taught them techniques to use while icing the cupcakes. All the cupcakes looked very tasty!

The Physics group, led by Larry Collins, built a robot and learned how to make it move by taking light energy and converting it into mechanical energy!

The Missouri Conservation Frontiers group, led by Jennifer Birk, made a diagram of the butterfly garden that they planted in front of the school and added this to their notebooks. They also had fun painting rocks to decorate the garden.

4-H is a very fun and active group for kids age 5-18 providing opportunities for learning, achievement, leadership and community service. There are four clubs in Scott County. Everyone is welcome, leaders and members are always needed. If you are interested in 4H, please call the University of Missouri Extension Office at 573-545-3516.

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