Speak Out 5/25/12

Friday, May 25, 2012

Coach Wadlington

One of the reasons I love Speak Out is that it allows for well-deserved tributes to be paid to deserving individuals. For decades he has worked as a coach and teacher in the Cape Girardeau public school system. For years he was the head basketball coach of the Central Tigers, where he in my view did an absolutely outstanding job. These days, he continues in his basketball coaching capacity at the eighth-grade level. He is also the head golf coach. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for a wonderful educator, coach, humble, and all-around great human being, coach Dick Wadlington.

Crowell's stance

Can anyone please explain why Jason Crowell threatened to filibuster a bill unless the portion designating November as Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month was removed? By the way, he was successful in having it blocked. It wasn't even for funding, just awareness about a deadly disease.

Famous, deceased

No one should be inducted into the Hall of Famous Missourians until they have been deceased for at least a few years. Allow time for a true reflection of what history will say about someone.

Political move?

Steven Tilley's timing to put Rush into the Hall of Famous Missourians deserves more scrutiny. What is he gaining politically by this move? There is more to the choice than meets the eye.

Medical costs

When my yearly prescription needed to be renewed, it required a doctor visit. Cost of visit before the practice was sold -- $57. Cost of same visit after the doctors sold out to a local hospital -- $297! This is a good example of medical costs out of control. If you don't like Obama's plan, use the GOP plan. Oh wait, there is no GOP plan.

Chaffee decision

Kudos to Chaffee officials for standing up against the pharmaceutical company-retail drugstore axis and requiring a doctor's prescription for purchasing a key ingredient in making meth. The lack of courage exhibited by the Missouri Legislature to address this issue statewide is so shameful it will forever scar and permanently stain the reputation of the Show Me State.

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